Aquacamp – capitalism at its finest

A starting line, a person in jail, a free parking sign and a person who gets arrested. Sure, now that I know the aquacamp theme, it is quite obvious: Monopoly! But was this really a smart theme? The game which can separate EVERY loving family in a couple of hours? Well, starting with the end of the story I can say, that Aquamania is stronger then every family-bounds can be, surviving a whole weekend of Monopoly without losing any members or nerves 😀 But let me tell you, it was close! Desperate fights over every street! Bloodthirsty werewolves and irresponsible mayors killing innocent citizens. Naval kajak warfare over pride and wet T-shirts. Greed, competition and the thought of becoming the richest of them all slowly took over the camp. It would have been too late for our lovely aqua-community if there hadn””t been a great Kampcie, which reminded us with a lot of beer, just enough marshmallows, a campfire, great singers, a huge community tent and an amazing BBQ, that it was all just a game 😉

Thank you for a great weekend!