Becoming a member

Swimming and/or water polo

Are you thinking about becoming a member from a student association and you like swimming or water polo? If that’s the case, Aquamania is the right place for you. Whether you have been swimming competitive all your life or an experienced water polo player and you cannot let go off your passions or you want to try a new sport, everything is possible.

Take a look around on the website to get an idea what our association is like. In Aquamania you can both swim and play water polo with the help of our experienced and enthusiastic trainers. As long as you have a swimming diploma or you know the three basic strokes (front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke), you are welcome to train with us. Besides the trainings, we also organize fun activities outside of the water.

Trial training

Before you sign up, you are welcome to join for a free trial training to check whether Aquamania is something for you. If you want to join for a trial training, send an email to

Becoming a member

Before you can call yourself an Aquamaniac, you must be registered as an official member. This can be done by filling the sign up form. Once you have filled in the form, you can send it by mail to or by post to Einsteinweg 6, 2333 CC Leiden.

If you have just begun your studies, there is the possibility of becoming a trial member for the month of September. For becoming a trial member, you have to fill in a form too, which you find here. Pay attention that this is not the actual sign up form to become a member, in that case, you would need to fill the form mentioned above.