Aquamania has different membershifts of which you can find an overview here. If you want to become a member, then take a look at the section becoming a member or send an email to for more information regarding memberships.

Active membership

Cost: €55,-
If you become an active member you can attend all trainings, activities, and competitions. You can become a member for the whole year. However, if you become a member at a later time, the price of the membership is as described below. Also, if you become a member during the EL-CID or the OWL, you can get a discounted price.

  • Winter membership after the 31st of January: €35,-
  • Spring membership after the 31st of March: €25,-
  • EL-CID of OWL: €50,-

Trial membership

Cost: €10,-
At the beginning of your studies, you might not know which association you want to join. In that case, you can get a trial membership without commitment. This gives you the possibility join Aquamania for the whole month of September and experience the association for yourself. In addition, the official membership after getting a trial membership, gets reduced to €45,-.

Supporting membership

Cost: €25,-
Have you noticed that you don’t have time to come to trainings but you are not ready to say goodbye to Aquamania? Maybe the supporting membership is the one for you. With it, you can join all activities as well as attend 6 trainings.

Membership with Aquafossielen

After your Aquamania membership, you can become a member of the reunion assocition, known as  Aquafossielen. This is a separate association and to become a member you should send an email to

Cancel or change of membership

If you want to cancel your membership with Aquamania or you want to become a supportive member, you can do so by means of the sign out form. You can send this to the board via mail ( or send it by post to Einsteinweg 6, 2333 CC Leiden. If you want to deregister for the next academic year, you must let the board know no later than July 20th. Terminating your membership earlier is not possible, unless a good reason is provided. If this is the case, you should also contact the board.