Aquamania is a student association that, besides the trainings and competitions, organises activities for her members. The members work together in the different committees, listed below, to organise these activities. The names of the people in each committee are listed in the corresponding section.

Currently, the board members oversee the different committees of the association. If you have any questions about any of the committees, you can ask the board at the trainings or you can send a mail to If you would like to join one of the committees, you can send a mail with your preferences to this email address too.


Aquamaniacs can’t get enough of each other. That’s why the Aquactie organises a monthly activity. Examples of these activities are: speed dating for Valentin’s Day, movie nights in the winter or barbequing in the summer. These events are a nice escape from a busy week of studying.

  • Nancy Trenkler
  • Kaitlan McKinney
  • Coen ter Haar


This committee organises our participation in the biggest relay race in the world. It starts in Nijmegen and ends in Enschede. After the relay, the biggest students’ party of the Benelux starts. It’s amazing to participate in this race, and this committee makes that possible for our members.

  • Hebe Ho-Kang-You
  • Mirte Hazes
  • Erik Bloemendaal


The Kampcie organises the annual Aquacamp. It’s a really nice experience to plan and organise this weekend.

  • Bas Ketelaar
  • Nancy Trenkler


The Maniakaalcie compiles and publishes the magazine of our association. It’s full of gossip, information and funny facts about Aquamania, our members and our sports. The interviews, columns and reports of matches and activities make it very fun to read!

  • Wietske Voorham
  • Jelle Nikkels


In the year 2019/2020, Aquamania will be organizing one of the student swimming competitions! Together with the assessor zwemmen, this committee will organise this amazing day which, of course, includes an incredible party afterwards.


This committee takes care of the promotion of Aquamania. During the EL CID and OWL, they inform people about our beautiful association. They also maintain the website and out clothing line. With lots of different tasks, this is a very interesting committee!

  • Lisa Kool
  • Jelle Nikkels

Raad van Aqua

The ‘Raad van Aqua’ is composed of old board members. They advise the current board when the board has a complicated problem that needs the expertise of old board members.


Together with ZVL-1886, Aquamania organises the annual Swim-in in the canals of Leiden. It’s a huge event, that attracts a lot of people, not only from swimming associations.


This committee organises a water polo tournament in Leiden. It’s a weekend full of water polo, fun and party that you can also help organising!

  • Bas Ketelaar
  • Yana Hoofwijk

WaterSport Feest

Together with representatives of other water sports association in Leiden, you’ll organise the ‘Watersportfeest’ during the EL CID. It’s an awesome job for someone who likes to party!