Aquamania participates four days per year in the ‘Nederlanse Studenten Waterpolo Kometitie’ (competition for the Dutch student associations). At those days, all the student association come together to play water polo. The NSWK’s are open for both beginning and experienced water polo

For the more experienced water polo players, it’s possible to play in the KNZB competition with ZVL-1886. Our Aquamaniacs play with the 7th women’s team or 11th men’s team of ZVL-1886.


Aquamania also likes to visit tournaments. Beginning water polo players can play at tournaments too. Usually, we start with playing water polo to end with an amazing party.

Examples of annual tournaments of student association that we visit are: Eindhoven (Nayade), Amsterdam (Jaws) and Delft (Wave). We also visit other tournaments, such as the Moby Dick tournament.


For the most recent results on the waterpolo competition, visit the website from stichting NSZK: NSWK.