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Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions are grouped on this page. If your question is not answered on this please, don't hesitate to send an email to info@aquamanialeiden.nl.

Aquamania is a student sports association for all students who want to swim and/or play water polo!

On the contrary, all we ask of you is that you know how to stay afloat! Aquamania is open to all levels, from beginners to professionals. At the swimming training, the lanes are divided according to your swimming level. At the water polo training, we train with all levels and depending on the training, separate instructions and exercises are occasionally given for the beginners or advanced players.

Yes, as long as you are a student at a college or university, you are allowed to become a member.

Every week, there are 4 training sessions: 2 swimming training sessions and 2 water polo training sessions, each an hour long. Each swimming workout starts with half an hour of land training, which includes strength, conditioning, coordination and flexibility exercises that are helpful in swimming. Click here for more information about training times and locations.

In addition to the training sessions, Aquamania takes part in social activities as well. An important part of this are the monthly drinks that are held every first Tuesday of the month. In addition, the Aquactie - the activities committee - organizes a fun activity every month. This can be sports related (think skating or watching a water polo match), but many other activities are also organised, such as going to the Tikibad, eating together before a practice, movie nights and parties.

A membership to Aquamania will cost €60,- for the coming year. In addition, a membership to the USC is required, which costs €169.25 annually. If you already have a USC membership, you do not have to pay these costs again. With the Aquamania and USC membership you can participate in all swimming and waterpolo practices, activities, competitions and also use all group lessons, fitness options and free swimming hours of the USC! It is also possible to become a member halfway through the year. From January, the membership costs will then be €40,-

Yes, you can become a member at Aquamania throughout the year. If you become a member in September, it is easier to get to know new people through the introductory activities.

Of course! You can sign up for a free trial training by sending an email to info@aquamanialeiden.nl. There is also the possibility to become a trial member in September. As a trail member you can participate in all training and activities for €10 to see if Aquamania fits you. If you decide to become a member, the other membership costs are €50,-

You can register for a membership or trial membership by clicking the link.You can fill out the membership form digitally and then email it to info@aquamanialiden.nl

The competitions are open to all levels! In swimming, many first time swimmers participate in the shorter distances (50m and 100m). And do not worry about swimming against a high level competitor, we will take your time during the training beforehand so that you swim against students of the same level during the competition! in the water polo competitions, we often make beginner teams and advance teams so experience is absolutely not required there either.

In addition, the competitions are a perfect opportunity to get to know the other student swimming and water polo associations! The competition weekend starts on friday with a pre-drink in the city where the competition is held. This is a lot of fun because we all go together by trains. Staturday is dominated by the competition and ends with a spectacular theme party! even though it is a lot of fun you are always completely free to sign up for the parts of the weekend that you like: nothing is mandatory.

It is important to bring the following items for training:

  • Swimsuit (bikini is also allowed, but less practical) or swimming trunks. Do you want to jump into the water like a real aquamaniac? Look here for aquamania merchandise. 
  • Bottled water in case you get thirsty: ask the board about Aquabidons!
  • A towel
  • not required but very useful for the swimming practice: swimming goggles, swimming cap, flippers, pull buoy and paddles and or a swimming board.
  • not required but very useful for the water polo practice: water polo cap and swimming goggles

None! You are completely free to decide which training sessions, drinks and activities you come to and whether you like to participate in the competitions.

In addition to our activities in the swimming pool and our monthly drinks, there are countless activities throughout the year. We participate in the Batavierenrace, a student running race from Nijmegen to Enschede, the Swim-in in Leiden, activities of other swimming and water polo associations like Galas and pool parties, a canoe polo tournament with Levitas and the Leiden Student Diving Association and much more! In addition to participating in activities, you can also do a committee at Aquamania. With a committee you work together on a project/activity for Aquamania, such as the promotion committee, the activities committee or the Maniaaal committee (Aquamania club magazine). As a new member you are certainly welcome to join a committee! Ask a board member about the different committees to see what you like.

Before the start of the academic year, an introduction day will take place with all kinds of fun activities, where you can immediately get to know all new and old members of Aquamania! In the month of September, prior to each training session, people will cycle together to the swimming pool from the Beestenmarkt. Introductory weeks also take place from the second week of the academic year to the first week of October, with at least one activity each week. The introductory period will be concluded in a festive manner in the swimming pool. Participation in these activities is also not mandatory and you can join whenever you want and when you have time for it.

No. During the introduction period you can get to know each other and the association, but this does not have the character of a hazing. Introduction activities are purely aimed at making new friends and having a good time together, we don't think hazing is appropriate here. At Aquamania you decide for yourself which activities you do and do not want to participate in.

If you have a diffent question, please send an email to info@aquamanialeiden.nl! If you have a question for a specific person, you can find here the contact information.

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